Rotary table grinding machine

Rotary table grinding machine type RTS3-CNC

Massive grinding machine with up to two vertically adjustable grinding spindles for economic flat and bevel grinding of e.g. big mechanical knives and agricultural knives in continuous process

  • vertical adjustment of grinding spindle
  • grinding motor 37–55 kW
  • flange holder for grinding wheels or segments up to 700 mm diameter
  • continuously adjustable rotary table speed
  • mechanical fixture plate or electro-magnetic terminal plate: 600–1000 mm diameter
  • mechanical sensor for probing grinding wheel
  • automatic load/unload
  • central lubrication
  • designed for wet machining with emulsion
  • RTS3/2 configuration with two grinding spindles
Rotary table grinding machine type RTS3 with six single magnets for flat grinding of coils
Flat grinding of agricultural knives – rotary table grinding machine RTS3-CNC with horizontal CNC axis