Series RMS-CNC

Rotary table grinding machine


RMS-CNC: Bevel grinding on circular knives

CNC grinding machine with three or four axes for the grinding of blades and bevels on circular knives by employing a cup wheel for high chipping; programmable angle adjustment for the following processing

  • user-friendly, direct programming by indicating the technical data/parameters of the workpieces
  • CNC controlled adjustment of the angle range 0°–30° with hydraulic clamping
  • workpiece diameter up to 1,000 mm (39″)
  • automatic compensation of the grinding wheel
  • clamping of workpieces by permanent magnet, electromagnet, mechanical or pneumatic devices
  • rotation speed of the workpieces adjustable 100–240 revolutions/min
  • grinding wheel diameter 400 mm (15.7″)
Bevel grinding on circular knives
Rotary table grinding machine RMS-CNC