Series HDS-CNC

Rotary table grinding machine


HDS-CNC: Double-sided flat grinding

CNC grinding machine with three axes for economic double-sided flat grinding of parallel surfaces of e.g. spanner wrenches, pliers, hammers, chisels, swords  or flat grinding of conical surfaces such as adjustable spanner wrenches by single grinding (e.g. nippers) or continuous process (e.g. swords)

  • grinding wheel diameter 400–700 mm (16″–28″)
  • automatic grinding wheel compensation with two independently operating measuring systems
  • CNC control or hydraulic system
  • central grease lubrication system
  • designed for wet processing with grinding emulsion
  • two grinding wheels for bilateral processing
  • different automatic loading systems
Double-sided flat grinding of wrenches
Robotic loading and exchange of pallets for subsequent machining of wrenches
Edge grinding of chisels