Series ZS

Rotary index table grinding machines


ZS: Grinding of tines

The grinding line of the series ZS machines forks with two, three or four tines. By the use of a folded grinding belt the run-out radius is ground cleanly.

The system consists of three belt grinding stations, one rotary table and one separate automatic loading and unloading station with stacking device.

PLC control system and operator device with display enable a simple and quick set-up.

Two different grinding procedures can be preset:

  • grinding of one tine interspace per station
  • rough grinding of all tines in the first station, final grinding in the second station and polishing in the third station

Technical data for ZS/R3:

  • grinding belt dimension: max. 3,500 (137.8") long
  • total connected load: 3×3 kW
  • weight of the machine: 2,300 kg (5071 lb)
  • dimensions(l×w×h): 2,300 mm × 2,300 mm × 2,200 mm (90.6"×90.6"×86.6")




Grinding of tines
Rotary index table grinding machine for grinding tines
Rotary index table grinding machine of the series ZS