Series RST-CNC

Rotary index table grinding machine


RST-CNC: Individual and serrated grinding of blades

Rotary index table grinding machines available in various configurations for grinding of steak knives, jigsaws or for the grinding of blades with serration

  • attribution of an adequate grinding station to a precision rotary index table
  • working with cup wheels (grinding station SS0 or SS1) or as plunge grinding process with profiled wheels with grinding station of the series WSL
  • integration of manual and automatic loading and unloading systems possible

Different series are available depending on the requirements:

  • RST3-CNC: Grinding of kitchen and steak knives
  • RST4-CNC: Grinding of scalpel blades
  • RST6-CNC: Serrated grinding of jigsaws
Grinding of scalpel blades with rotary index table grinding machine RSt4-CNC
Serrated grinding of jigsaws with rotary index table grinding machine RST6-CNC