Series WSM-CNC

Peripheral grinding machine


WSM-CNC: Scalloped and pointed serrated grinding

CNC peripheral grinding machine with up to three axes for plunge grinding of serrated edges on knife blades (e.g. bread or steak knives), scissors and similar workpieces

  • CNC controlled with display of all operating information on monitor screen
  • horizontal wheel motion by AC servo motor driven by preloaded precision ball screw
  • standard maximum grinding width 360 mm (14″), other lengths as an option
  • simple workpiece oriented programming with entry of discrete dimensions/parameters
  • dressing of the grinding wheel with diamond coated dressing roll, tool steel crush roll or programmable single point diamond
  • CNC orientation against a straight grinding wheel e.g. in order to grind steak knives
  • automatic compensation of workpiece plunge travel after each dressing cycle and maintenance of selected rotational wheel speed (by frequency variation)
  • vertical blade transport axis available as an option
  • single axis CNC grinding machine
  • pick up of workpieces by pneumatic clamping device
  • dressing of grinding wheel by diamond coated shape roll made of tool-steel

Different types are available:

WSM/KS-CNC grinding of fluted edge in single processing
Peripheral grinding machine WSM-CNC
WSM-CNC: uniaxial CNC grinding machine