Series WSL-CNC

Peripheral grinding machine


WSL-CNC: Scalloped and pointed serrated grinding

The grinding station of the series WSL-CNC can be integrated into different machines to produce scalloped or pointed serrated grinding.

  • achieving each cutting angle desired thanks to the interpolation of the Y- and the Z-axis
  • solid welded construction
  • special drive power 15 kW with spindle running in bearings and hub flange for grinding wheel 450 mm (17,7″) Ø (usable up to 250 mm (9.8″) Ø)
  • max. grinding width 100 mm (3.9″)
  • direct ring wheel drive
  • programmable, constant circumferential speed of 30–45 m/s (98–147 ft./s) when wheel diameter decreases
  • dressing/shaping of the grinding wheel with diamond coated shape roll 140 mm (5.5″) Ø, drive 0,75 kW; dressing interval programmable previously with automatic compensation of grinding wheel wear
  • dressing by means of diamond dresser
  • each grinding station equipped with a vertical and a horizontal carriage:

    1. Y-axis = vertical carriage for grinding movement
    2. Z-axis = horizontal carriage to move to workpiece/section roll

  • CNC axis movement by AC servomotor with pre-stressed ball bearing spindle


WSL2/3-CNC: Blades with flat edges, scalloped serrated edges, pointed serrated edges

CNC grinding machine with up to seven axes for grinding blades up to 1,800 mm (70.9″) in length and for serrated edges on circular blades up to 250 mm (9.5″) diameter (option)

  • grinding station of the series WSL-CNC
  • grinding of blades with either flat or serrated edges using programmable angles
  • dressing of grinding wheels with frequently used tooth profiles by dressing device and diamond-coated dressing roll
  • option: two-axle CNC dresser for programming of tooth forms with user-friendly menu
  • hereby grinding of small piece lots or prototypes with arbitrary tooth profiles on long blades possible (in particular pointed or scalloped serrated edges)
  • serrating of circular knife blades possible by adding another axis of rotation (C-axis)
  • additional B-axis (± 25°) for relief grinding (WSL3-CNC)
Modular peripheral grinding station WSL-CNC
Peripheral grinding machine WSL2-CNC
Peripheral grinding machine for scalloped and pointed serrated grinding