Series RFS-CNC

Peripheral grinding machine


RFS-CNC: Surface and bevel grinding of circular knives

CNC peripheral grinding machine with six axes for the grinding of surfaces, cutting edges and contours on circular knives, saw blades or blanks with oscillating or plunge grinding process

  • horizontal grinding wheel, positioning by AC servo motor driven by pre-loaded precision ball screw
  • automatic compensation of workpiece plunge travel after each dressing cycle and maintenance of selected rotational wheel speed (by frequency variation)
  • simple workpiece oriented programming with parameter entries
  • grinding of multiple bevels on one clamping with additional grinding axis
  • blade diameter of up to 1,200 mm (48″)
  • circular knife blade held on a rotational fixture by permanent magnet, magnetic chuck, or mechanical clamping
  • rotational speed of workpiece adjustable with frequency converter or servomotor
  • different dressing systems, interval controlled or permanent
  • processing of intermittent grinding by means of the measuring system Marposs
Grinding of circular knives
Peripheral grinding machine RFS-CNC