Series PH/PB-CNC

Peripheral grinding machine


PH/PB-CNC: Serrated and scalloped grinding

CNC controlled peripheral grinding machine with additional vertical axis for scalloped grinding and staggered tooth system

  • spindle gear 11 KW
  • grinding wheel diameter 400 mm (15.75″) (processing of up to 300 mm (11.8″))
  • grinding wheel width up to 130 mm (5.1″)
  • traverse distance X-axis up to 640 mm (25.2″)
  • frequency converter for continuous spindle rotation regulation
  • four-axle CNC control:

    1. X-main feed with linear motor
    2. A-tilting axis/cutting angle
    3. V-vertical axis
    4. Z-horizontal traversing axis at the grinding wheel or dresser

  • dresser with driven profile role or single-point diamond
  • automation in connection with robotic loading

Serrated grinding of mechanical knives
Peripheral grinding machine of the series PH/PB-CNC