Series HG/NT2-CNC

Hollow grinding machine


HG/NT2-CNC: Hollow grinding

CNC grinding machine with four axes for the double-sided hollow grinding of kitchen and steak knives, hunting and sports knives, pocket knives as well as hand tools like e.g. saw blades

  • grinding with two cup wheels, each wheel at an angle of 45° to the blade
  • thereby a consistent hollow bevel shape over the entire wheel life
  • dimension of the grinding wheel depending on blank thickness, bevel width and thickness
  • programming with contour caliper installed on the grinding machine
  • grinding wheel outside diameters: 80 mm (3.15″), 125 mm (4.9″), 175 mm (6.89″), 200 mm (7.87″) or 220 mm (8.66″)
  • spindle motors completely closed and equipped with moisture protection
  • two digital measurement controls integrated into the CNC control to supervise the wear of the grinding wheels
  • integration of a CNC controlled scotch brite station in order to polish the piece in the same clamping
  • wheel wear is automatically compensated after each grinding cycle with a digital measuring system
  • automatic central grease lubrication system
  • digital four-axle Windows controllers (X, Y, and the two spindle axes)
  • grinding length up to 430 mm (16.9″)
  • sensor programming, probing of contour shape and direct generating of necessary program data
  • grinding wheels activated by special motors with precision mounted spindles

Hollow grinding of knife blades with automatic loading and unloading
Clamping for one-sided hollow grinding
Hollow grinding machine HG/NT2-CNC