Series HSG-CNC

Flat bevel grinding machine

HSG-CNC: Grinding of the head surface of mechanical knives

CNC-controlled flat bevel grinding machine designed for lateral grinding of mechanical knives and similar workpieces.

  • machine frame as a solid welded construction
  • slide mounted on linear roller guides for moving the grinding head, driven by wear-free linear motor, max. stroke 600 mm (23.6"), traverse speed 0.1–10 m/min (0.33–32.8 ft/min), continuously adjustable, guides protected by gaiters
  • precision mounted horizontal grinding spindle, outer Ø 250 mm (9.8"), segment flange Ø 600 mm (23.6") for the reception of segments
  • drive 22 kW, cutting speed up to 30 m/s, displacement of the grinding spindle on ball screw driven by servomotor, step by step and continuously
  • solid grinding table adjustable from 0-45°, fixed stop at 0° position, manual adjustment via worm and worm-wheel, scales in 1° and 15′ partition
  • hydraulic clamping device to fix knives from 300 × 200 mm (11.8" × 7.87") against clamping jaw. Hydraulically driven clamping jaw, stroke approx. 5 mm (0.2"), manually adjustable at knife width, hydraulic clamping cylinder from above
  • hydraulically driven longitudinal stop to sling the knives in fixed position to the grinding segment
Flat bevel grinding machine of the series HSG-CNC
Grinding of mechanical knives