Series FS-CNC

Flat grinding machine

FS-CNC: Flat grinding of long knives

CNC controlled vertical precision flat grinding machine with up to four axes for flat grinding of long knives with a maximum length of 4,000 mm

  • grinding length up to 4,000 mm (157.48")
  • magnetic table 4 × 1,000 × 250 mm (4 × 39.37" × 9.84") single magnet with demagnetization unit
  • grinding height 200 mm (7.87")
  • grinding motor 30 kW, 1.000 rpm
  • segment header ∅ 450 mm (17.71")
  • carriage speed 0–30 m/min (0–98.43 ft./min) programmable
  • window at the side for good accessibility to the grinding set of the carriage

  • four-axle digital CNC control

    • X-axis (carriage) with gear rack in connection with servomotor and gear unit
    • Z-axis (moving of the vertical feed / plunge grinding) on preloaded ball gearing spindle by a brushless AC servomotor, stroke app. 200 mm (7.87")
    • A'- + A-axis (tool carrier block), swiveling at grinding angle (option)

  • A-axis/A'-axis: two servomotor gearbox units, each at the end of the shaft for precise angle adjustment or with servomotor (option)
  • carriage driven by precision servo gearbox and rack
  • vertical carriage with ball screw and servomotor
  • vertical guide with precision roller linear guidance
  • continuous, programmable adjustment
  • automatic interval-controlled central grease lubrication with control and fault indication
  • designed for wet grinding
Vertical precision flat grinding machine of the series FS-CNC
Flat grinding of long knives up to a length of 4,000 mm
Design with stationary magnet