Series DG/NT-CNC

Flat bevel grinding machine


DG/NT-CNC: Space-saving surface grinding

CNC grinding machine with three or four axes and vertical grinding spindle for the surface grinding of knives, scissors, hand tools, and related parts

  • 30% less required space in comparison to the horizontal arrangement of the grinding spindle
  • good stability thanks to a solid welded construction of the machine housing
  • prevention of vibrations during processing due to a machine housing filled up with mineral cast
  • user-friendly, Windows-based controls with interfaces for robotics, PLC, measuring technology and other applications
  • “Esprit” CAM interfaces
  • wear-free main axis drive with linear motor, achieving rapid traverse speeds of 80 m/min (262 ft./min)
  • precision, backlash-free positioning, using direct measuring system
  • compact, precision gearbox with high rigidity to control cutting edge angle
  • as a single or a double machine available due to two separate machine housings
DG/NT-CNC with additional axis of rotation
DG/NT-CNC with robotic loading and unloading