Series BG/RH/NT2-CNC

Flat bevel grinding machine for radii grinding

BG/RH/NT2-CNC: Radii grinding

The CNC-controlled flat bevel grinding machine of the series BG/RH/NT2-CNC is designed for grinding curved blades at pruners, hedge shears, axes, hand tools, circular knives and similar pieces.

The grinding machine is equipped with up to five contour giving axes and one tool axis.

In addition to the technical data indicated at BG-CNC the machine is classified by the technical specifications as follows:

  • spindle drive 6.5–45 kW
  • grinding length 300–640 mm
  • precision mounted grinding spindle, designed for circumferential speed of up to 50 m/s
  • reception flange for grinding wheel: 80–710 mm ∅
  • grinding table with five axes:

    • X-axis = main feed axis of the grinding table, powered by a linear motor
    • Y- and Z-axis = linear pressing axis against grinding wheel
    • A-axis = tilt axis/grinding angle
    • C-axis = horizontal axis of rotation

  • W-axis = infeed axis for grinding wheel, continuously adjustable and freely programmable
  • digital drive for the axes, preloaded ball bearing spindle, A- and C-axis, digital axis drive with linear motor for X-axis
Arrangement of the axes at BG/RH/NT2-CNC
BG/RH/NT2-CNC: sporting knife – orientation of the grinding lines vertical to the contour
BG/RH/NT2-CNC: circular knives 360° with arc-grinding