Typical workpieces

Vertical generating systems

Pos.Type of operationmachining time in s
1.Chamfered face gear 24 teeth11.0
2.Involute splined shaft 29 teeth19.0
3.Face clutch 30 teeth, with relief cut18.0
4.Tapered tooth profile 10 teeth18.0
5.Involute splined profile 30 teeth12.0
6.Involute splined shaft, 13 teeth17.0
7.Involute splined shaft, 15 teeth23.0
8.Tapered splined profile, 18 teeth8.0
9.Phillips screwdriver blade size 22.0
10.Tapered splined profile, 17 teeth6.0
11.9 clutch teeth12.0
12.Involute splined shaft, 15 teeth25.0
13.Splined profile, 5 teeth24.0
14.Tapered splined profile, 11 teeth15.0
15.Counter sink tapered, 4 teeth8.0
16.Splined profile shaft, 11 teeth12.0
17Splined profile 90°, 36 teeth14.0
Principle: vertical generating