Series LP130-CNC

Example of a complete machining

Extension for socket wrenches

For a perfect production of extensions, the processing on LP130-CNC is divided into different operations carried out at the same time.

The production of extensions is executed in three operations:

  • turning
  • machining of the square
  • drilling

In the first processing station the contour of the piece is turned and the square is generated (sw 1/4"-3/8"-1/2").

Afterwards, the workpiece is transported to the second processing station – the drilling station. For reasons of rigidity the drilling station is fixed on the machine base.

With CNC control the drilling station drills a cross-hole with a diameter of 2.5–6.6 mm (0.98–2.6") into the square.

The next square is machined simultaneously to the drilling operation.

Generating of the square
CNC loading axis