Typical workpieces

Universal generating system

The profile generating center equipped with a universal generating system is designed for screwdriver blades and bits.

Blade length up to approx. 400 mm (15.7") and bits up to approx. 75 mm (2.9") are automatically fed through the hollow shaft of the workpiece spindle nose. This reduces magazine changing times a lot.

The components available for the screwdriver industry include Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, Tamper Torx, hexagonal ball-ended, flat blade (dihedral), Torq-Set, Tri-Wing, double-flat, square, hexagonal etc.

PositionType of operationmachining time in s
1.Triple square tip7.0
2.Screwdriver blade Phillips size 22.0
3.Screwdriver blade Phillips size 12.0
4.Screwdriver blade Pozidriv size 23.7
5.Screwdriver blade Torx size T 252.0
6.Tamper Torx blade size T 406.0
7.Flat screwdriver blade6.0
8.Flat screwdriver blade with turning7.0
9.Flat screwdriver blade with turning7.0
10.Phillips size 1 and 2 with turning7.0/6.5
11.Flat screwdriver blade7.0
12.Ball end on hexagon shank4.5
13.Square recess screwdriver blade4.5
14.Screwdriver blade, Tri Wing8.0
15.Flat Bit blade10.0
16.Flat Bit blade with turning6.5
17Torx-Bit size T 30 with turning6.5
18.Tamper Torx Bit size T 40 6.5
19.Torq Set Bit10.0
20.Phillips Bit size 32.5
21.Pozidriv Bit size 13.5
22.Pozidrive Bit size 34.0
23.Phillips-Bit Gr. 0 with turning6.0
24.Torx-Bit size T 6 with turning8.0
25.Pozidrive Bit size 23.7
26.Special hexagon Bit Phillips size 23.0