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Virtual in-house exhibition at the Berger Gruppe


Maschinenbau Netzwerk Bergisch Land (14/04/2021)

LIVE demonstration of a virtual in-house exhibition at BERGER GRUPPE

For a good year now, our lives and work have been shaped by the Corona pandemic. This has also led to changed communication channels with customers. Particularly in mechanical engineering, an on-site inspection of production during machine acceptance is actually obligatory, but due to the worldwide restrictions to combat the pandemic, personal visits are no longer possible.

Over the past year, the Berger Gruppe has therefore successfully adapted its communication to the conditions and developed digital exchange formats for its customers. For example, the company regularly invites customers to virtual in-house trade shows, where it presents itself to customers via video and gives a LIVE tour of the production facility. Customers can thus follow the daily working life of the Berger Gruppe on screen, see various machines and robot cells in operation and even perform their own machine acceptance virtually.

The digital format has been very well received by customers and, according to Marco Chiesura, Managing Director of the Berger Gruppe, will maintain a high level of acceptance even after the pandemic is over. In the meantime, virtual machine acceptance tests are carried out on average 1-2 times per week at the Berger Gruppe. Thus, despite the pandemic, the company manages to carry out an annual acceptance of around 100 machines.

Know-how and knowledge are shared in the Bergisch Land mechanical engineering network (Maschinenbau Netzwerk Berisch Land). Therefore Marco Chiesura, on 14/04/2021 demonstrated to the members of the network his processes at such an in-house exhibition and shared his experience. Participants were representatives of the network members as well as about 80 students of the mechanical engineering program of the University of Wuppertal.