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"Junior Uni on the road" at the Berger Gruppe

Link to the film "Junior Uni on the road at the Berger Gruppe"

Julia Schneider, Junior Uni DigiTal reporter, interviews Benjamin Johann, head of robotics at the Berger Gruppe.

Junior Uni DigiTal visits the Berger Gruppe with its film team

Junior Uni DigiTal, 3rd of December 2020

Reporters and a film team from Junior Uni visit the Berger Group as part of the project "Junior Uni on the road" and give teenagers and children a look behind the scenes at the mechanical engineering company from Wuppertal (Germany).

In times of Covid-19 and the associated social distancing, the Junior Uni relies on a new format – Junior Uni on the road. With a young reporter and a professional film crew, the Junior Uni visits different companies and institutions in the region.

On December 03, the Junior Uni and its camera team visited the Berger Gruppe. Benjamin Johann, head of robotics at the Berger Gruppe, answered reporter Julia Schneider's questions and gave her and her team an insight into the company.

The individual stages that are passed through to produce a robot cell or a grinding machine were shown - from the first sketch in the technical office to the delivery of the packaged machine.

In the short film resulting from the visit, the viewer not only learns about the multifaceted product range of the Berger Gruppe, but also gains an insight into the various professions practiced at the Wuppertal-based company.