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The Bergische IHK supports the initiative of the company Berger



IHK-MEDIENINFO NO. 78/21 OF AUGUST 31, 2021, Dipl.-Verw.Wiss. Thomas Wängler

Dr. Andreas Groß relies on his own solution against future
floods. IHK to be involved in application for state aid.

After the floods on July 14, there is initiative from the business community to be better prepared for such events in the future. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Groß, Managing Director of Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, has developed an Internet-based flood protection system 4.0. In the future, this should help to recognize critical water levels at an early stage and to react better.

The Bergische IHK supports Groß in this endeavor to the best of its ability. “Andreas Groß, who is also IHK Vice President, once again proves the development spirit with which Bergisch entrepreneurs are equipped,” says IHK President Henner Pasch. Chief Executive Michael Wenge pledges that the IHK will support Groß and his development as best it can to help prevent further disasters of this kind.

An estimated 1500 businesses in the Bergisches city triangle were hit by the floods on July 14. The damage is around 300 million euros. The IHK collected and distributed donations early on. The IHK is now to be involved in the flood aid provided by the state and federal governments. Thomas Grigutsch, Deputy Managing Director of the Bergische IHK, explains: “Companies can apply for federal and state flood aid from September 13. As the IHK, we will support our companies in this process from the initial consultation to the concrete application. Only with the final vote of the IHK will the state bank accept the applications.”