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CNC grinding machines with robotic feeding system in digital production

CNC controlled grinding machine RFS-CNC for grinding circular knives

Schleifen + Polieren (1/2018)

Deburring, grinding, serrating and polishing are core competences of the Berger Gruppe. At GrindTec 2018 in Augsburg (Germany) the company group with its headquarters in Wuppertal will present solutions for the processing of machine knives with robot technique and intelligent feeding systems

Respecting highest tolerances is a decisive condition for the production of machine knives if good quality of the final product is required. Measuring systems in connection with robot technique play an increasingly important role.

At GrindTec in Augsburg (Germany) the Berger Gruppe will present various CNC controlled grinding machines which grind machine and circular knives in different grinding processes such as flat bevel grinding, sunray grinding or scalloped and serrated grinding.

The Berger grinding machines are designed for grinding, deburring, polishing and serrating either single workpieces or steel strips. Thanks to integrated camera or laser measuring systems it is possible to respect even highest tolerances.

Feeding as well as loading and unloading of workpieces into the grinding machine can be automatized. Often the grinding machine is combined with a robot feeding system. The workpiece is either taken by robot from a magazine or it is fed via a conveyor belt.

Bulk goods are separated by vibrator. A 2D camera system recognizes the orientation and the position of each piece so it can be grabbed by robot. Afterwards the robot positions the workpiece in the grinding machine and puts it finally into a magazine.

The processing machine can be equipped with sensors and turn into a data provider. Both operating modes and information about status and process can be transmitted. The measured values are recorded by intelligent sensors and transmitted to the machine control by IO-Link. The machine control communicates with a decentralized higher-level control system which makes decisions about the optimization of productivity and the use of resources and evaluates the process.

Lecture: “Automated CNC grinding machines with robot feeding systems in digital production”

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Groß (Managing director of the Berger Gruppe)      
GrindTec Forum (Augsburg), Friday, 16th of March 2018, 11:30 h