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Berger Company: Awarded as "Partner of the Fire Brigade"



As part of the annual financial statements of the voluntary fire brigades in Wuppertal, companies were once again honored as "partners of the fire brigade". In addition to the sign and label factory Klar vom Dönberg, a Dörper company was also honored for its support of the fire brigade: Dr. Andreas Groß received the plaque "Partner of the fire brigade" for his company Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik from the hands of fire brigade spokesman Guido Blass.

In the presence of professional fire brigade chief Ulrich Zander and Lord Mayor Andreas Mucke, the Berger company was honored with the promotion badge, as it employs volunteers and gives them time off for missions. In addition, it makes her company premises at the Kohlfurther Bridge available for exercises with the fire brigade of Cronenberg and its youth fire brigade: "This is a matter of course for us and does not actually require any distinction," emphasized Andreas Groß, that he had accepted the award primarily in order to motivate other companies to support the fire brigade. Finally: "If there is a fire in our company, who will come and help? - The fire brigade," emphasizes the Berger boss, "that the fire brigade deserves every support.

„Volunteers must not be hindered!“

Andreas Groß is all the more horrified by reports in the context of the annual financial statements that helpers on-site are being obstructed, insulted and even physically attacked: "I was almost ashamed when I heard that", the Berger boss underlines his complete lack of understanding for the nationwide attacks on rescue workers: "Such a thing must not be allowed", Andreas Groß rather calls for support from the fire brigade and rescue services: "Those who volunteer in their spare time must not be obstructed!

In order to raise awareness of the voluntary fire brigade service, all Berger trainees will visit the Cronenberg fire station. Perhaps this will not only lead to more respect for the volunteer Florian disciples, but will also motivate one or the other Berger trainee to get involved for the volunteers, Andreas Groß hopes...