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Award ceremony of scholarship of Germany in Wuppertal


Photo: 6 TANT Agentur für Medien u. Komunikation GmbH & Co. KG

On November 5th the scholarship of Germany was awarded for the 5th time to 122 students in Wuppertal.

On the occasion of the prom of the University of Wuppertal the scholarship was awarded on November 5th to 122 students. The Berger Gruppe supports the scholarship since 2012 awarding two stipends to students of mechanical or electrical engineering.

The laudation at the award ceremony with app. 220 invited guests was delivered by Dr. Andreas Groß, the general manager of the Berger Gruppe.

The scholarships supported by the Berger Gruppe were given to Sebastian Wolfertz and Niclas Briffing, both students at the University of Wuppertal.

Photo: f. l. t. r.: Dr. Andreas Groß, Sebastian Wolfertz, Niclas Briffing and Prof. Dr. Andreas Frommer