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Milestones of the Berger Gruppe in 2013

In 2013 the Berger Gruppe has developed new technology as follows:

BSS14/PH CNC belt grinding machine for the outside finishing of knife handles
BSS14/RV CNC belt grinding machine for the inside finishing of knife handles
P4 Robot controlled tool changing system for polishing wheels in robot systems
RST4 CNC grinding machine with 9 CNC axes for scalpel blades
RSP Robot controlled adjustment system for automatic angle and distance adjustment of high pressure polishing past pistols for robot polishing cells
RTS2/NT NC flat rotary grinding machine for machine knives
PH2/PB2 CNC grinding machine and CNC milling center for electronic pliers (milling of plier references, drilling and grinding of all outside bevels) with camera controlled robot loading system and special designed fixtures for pliers
WS6 CNC grinding machine for surgical gouge blades with camera inspection
WSL3 CNC grinding and serrating machine for machine knives up to 1600 mm length
RSP Measuring system for robot sharpening cells with laser distance control
BSM3000 CNC strip grinding machine BSM300/300 for spring steel up to 150 mm width
BKB Extended S-bridle for higher pulling force while edge finishing