Tool holders

Tool and roller holders for JULIUS machines

Julius Maschinenbau

Tool and roller holders for JULIUS strip edge trimming machines

JULIUS offers a big range of tool holders for different applications. Due to the modular system it is possible to combine tool and roll holders flexibly and to exchange them at any time.

The angle of the tools can be adjusted continuously. The spindle is adjustable free of clearance. With the tool holder type WZWV 9013 pro it is possible to regulate and readjust the angle of the tool during the production process. In this way, the waste of material is minimized.

WZWV 9013 pro 

angle adjustment during production process

WZHH 2021

90° with 15° setting angle

WZHH 2909

double tool holder 30°

WZWV 9010

with continuously adjustable angle 0–90°

WZWV 9013

with continuously adjustable angle 0–30°

WZWV 9015

15° beheaded, for the treatment from above

Tool holders WZWV 9013 pro and WZHH 2021
Tool holders WZHH 2909 and WZWV 9010
Tool holders WZWV 9013 and WZWV 9015