Series LP110-CNC

Profile generating center


Combining drilling and milling technology

The profile generating center of the series LP110-CNC streamlines the machining processes in the field of polygonal generating and tooth profiling.

The rotary machining process of the profile generating center combines drilling and milling technology.
The machines incorporate an electronic synchronization system which controls the workpiece spindle and the tool spindle. The fully integrated CNC control is easily programmable and guarantees maximum positioning accuracy. Due to short machining and storing times, cycle times are dramatically improved. With the hollow spindle system cylindrical parts can easily be fed through the spindle.

With a large sliding door the machine is designed for easy operation, change over and maintenance.
The manual swiveling tool unit of the LP110-CNC can be swiveled from polygonal generating to tooth profiling without changeover. The tool slide is designed to accommodate additional tools for a variety of operations such as drilling, milling, threading etc. The following generating systems are employed: dual spindle technology, universal generating system and heavy-duty polygon system.

Technical data

  • control Siemens CNC
  • generating spindle adapters:   

    • KK 3 – H 28 – horizontal
    • D 28 – H 28 – horizontal
    • D 20 L – V 28 – vertical

  • work spindle bore: Ø 30 mm (1.18″)
  • feed rate X- and Z-axis: up to 700 mm/min (25.7″/min)
  • rapid travel speeds X- and Z-axis: 15 m/min (60″/min)
  • travel X-axis, radially: 300 mm (11.8″)
  • travel Z-axis, axially: 280 mm (11″)
  • generating spindle speed: up to 6000 rpm
  • rotary positioning accuracy of the main spindle: 0,01°
  • workpiece spindle torque: 35 Nm
  • tool spindle torque: 7 Nm, optional 16 Nm
  • total power: 20 KW, 30 A
  • standard voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz – or on request
  • pneumatic power: 5–8 bar
  • hydraulic power: 20 bar
  • dimensions (L × W × H)
    2800 × 1450 × 2000 mm (110″ × 57″ × 78″)
    weight: approx. 3500 kg (7800 LBS) – depending on the equipment
Profile generating of screw driver tools
Profile generating center LP110-CNC