Series KBM-CNC

Rotary table grinding machine


KBM-CNC: Sharpening of knife blades

The CNC controlled sharpening machine of the series KBM-CNC machines a market-ready sharpening of highest quality at knife blades. The workpieces are sharpened in eight of ten fixtures while the rotary table is turning continuously.

  • manual or automatic unloading/loading of the knives
  • completion after a 360°-turn in eight stations
  • scanning of the edge by CNC sensor in two measuring stations to detect warped knives and differences in form/position of each knife blade
  • digitalization and storing of the measured values
  • grinding of the blade with six belt grinding stations at a manually adjustable angle (12°–25°), three times from above and three times from below
  • use of different belt qualities – depending on the requirements
Sharpening of knife blades with KBM-CNC
Rotary table grinding machine KBM-CNC with CNC-measuring sensors