Series RST-CNC

Rotary index table grinding machine


RST-CNC: Serrated grinding of blades

Rotary index table grinding machines available in various configurations for grinding of steak knives, jigsaws or for the grinding of blades with serration

  • attribution of an adequate grinding station to a precision rotary index table
  • working with cup wheels (grinding station SS0 or SS1) or as plunge grinding process with profiled wheels with grinding station of the series WSL
  • integration of manual and automatic loading and unloading systems possible

RST-CNC: combined with WSL-CNC

Rotary index table grinding machine RST with two grinding stations of the series WSL-CNC

  • positioning of the grinding station for staggered tooth system e.g. in 25°
  • positioning of the grinding station for relief grinding
  • feeding by stacking magazine with loading capacity of 1,000 mm (3.28″)
  • separating of workpieces
  • feeding of workpieces by pick and place unit
  • precision rotary index table with four positions
  • unloading into stacking magazine
  • capacity: app. 300–350 saber saw blades/hour

RST-CNC: Individual grinding – example of use: scalpel blades

CNC rotary index table grinding machine for the grinding of scalpel blades with a pulling movement

  • corresponding grinding station assigned to a rotary precision table
  • processing of the grinding and polishing stations by “pulling” grinding with spiral wheel
  • automatic loading and unloading system integrable
  • eight position rotary grinding tables for indexing
  • two rotary modules for spiral grinding stations 1 and 2 with CNC-axis for both rotary modules, integrated into CNC control (B-axis)
  • six mechanical clamping devices
  • six workpiece plates exchangeable depending on the model
  • two spiral grinding stations
  • workpiece feeding by pneumatic pick- & place unit to feed scalpel blades to the magazine unit
  • feeding magazine consisting of two vertical stacking magazines
  • workpiece unloading by pneumatic pick- & place unit to unload scalpel blades from the station and to store it in the unloading magazine
  • unloading magazine composed of two magazine swords
  • ten-axle CNC control
Rotary index table grinding machine RST-CNC
Grinding of scalpel blades with rotary index table grinding machine RST4-CNC
Pulling grinding of workpieces with spiral grinding wheel
RST4-CNC with four working stations