Series AS0

Flat bevel grinding machine

AS0: Flat bevel grinding

Flat bevel grinding machine with mechanically driven grinding table for grinding manicure and surgical scissors with straight and curved blades, household scissors, pruning shears, vegetable and pocket knives, pruning blades, surgical instruments, nippers, side cutting pliers and similar workpieces

  • grinding length up to 115 mm (4,5″) for manual loading
  • grinding length up to 56 mm (2,5″) for automatic loading
  • grinding wheel diameter 200 mm
  • drive 3kW (4 HP) – 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
  • machine body of welded construction
  • cast iron grinding head
  • mechanically driven blade transport
  • automatic grinding wheel advance with fast forward and return speed of grinding wheel spindle
  • high precision through electronic or pneumatic wheel wear sensing and compensation device
Flat grinding of scissors with curved blades
Flat bevel grinding machine of the series AS0